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Trinity 488

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This turbo is our next upgrade over the "Trinity 480". This turbo will require a looser than stock stall torque converter and really shines as a high RPM single turbo or as a large charger in a compound setup. This turbo flows enough air to make over 1500hp. However, we've found this turbo performs best anywhere from around 1000-1400HP as a single. Where this turbo really shines is when it's used as the large charger in a compound setup. If you want more power than 1400hp, we suggest stepping up to the "Bow Tie" series turbos or doing compounds.


-88mm 7 blade XR ETT compressor wheel

-96mm turbine wheel(standard) or upgrade to a 102mm competition turbine wheel

-360* thrust bearing(standard) or upgrade to Ball Bearing 

-Standard 5.5" inlet race cover or 6" inlet competition race cover

-Divided T6 Turbine Housing 1.32AR or Stainless Tial V-band Housings

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