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24V Cummins Valve Bridge (set of 12)

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Manton Part #D-110-24V, Billet Steel, Ground, Nitrided 24 Valve Cummins Bridge (Set of 12) 

Improved strength , performance and service life are goals of ours during our engineering process. Therefore, Manton uses a CNC machine their valve bridges from only premium “hot-working” tool steel bar stock. After leaving the milling centers, the valve bridges are all hand inspected before being sent to heat treating for core hardening. Once returned from heat treating, each valve bridge is inspected before having the friction pad surface ground, which removes any tool marks that may cause excessive wear to the rocker arm. Bridges then have their surface nitrided, creating a very slick and hard surface to provide excellent wear protection and reduction of friction. Manton's combination of materials, precision machining and heat treatment process’ provides a cost effective solution for reducing friction and extending the service life.

Last but certainly not least, correct pushrod length will allow you to keep stock rocker geometry, allowing the friction surface of the rocker arm to ride the correct contact area of the valve bridge. If you have made any changes to the engine requiring custom length pushrods, Manton does sell pushrod length checking tools with proper ball and cup radius’ to replicate the OEM pushrod in all diesel engines, if you are interested in one of these tools please shoot us an email at john@blacktieracefab.com

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