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Cafe 400

Regular price$925.00

Turbine Housing
Bearing System

This turbo is for our customers looking to make more power without spending thousands of dollars. This turbo flows enough air to make over 900hp. However, we've found it performs best anywhere from 750-850HP. This turbo has been used as a budget friendly large turbo for compound setups for many years and is very reliable as such. This turbo is the same physical size as our "Trinity 480" and it can be swapped out if more power is ever desired.


-Cast 75mm or 80mm Borg Warner compressor wheel

-96mm turbine wheel

-270* thrust bearing(standard) or upgrade to 360* thrust bearing 

-Standard 5" inlet compressor cover

-Divided T6 Turbine Housing(1.15 and 1.32AR) or Stainless Tial V-band Housings

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