Black Tie 3.5" 4 Link Bracket - blacktieracefab
Black Tie 3.5" 4 Link Bracket - blacktieracefab
Black Tie 3.5" 4 Link Bracket - blacktieracefab
Black Tie 3.5" 4 Link Bracket - blacktieracefab

Black Tie 3.5" 4 Link Bracket

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  • We’ve used different 4 link brackets over the years and always felt we could improve them for our application. The main difference between our 4 link brackets and others on the market is ours were designed for people who work on or build their own race cars in their garage but still want top quality products. Not everybody has access to an axle jig and our brackets allow you to produce a perfectly square, perfectly even axle setup without one. 
  • These brackets are each made in 2 pieces. This is very important because most diesel trucks(or any vehicle) looking to upgrade to a 4 link from leaf springs already have the wheel ends welded on. When you buy a 1 piece bracket, you need to cut it in half to fit it over the axle which can cause fitment issues. Our brackets take that step out allowing perfectly square, properly fitting brackets.
  • The next difference with these brackets is the bottom and the rear of the bracket are flat and at a 90* angle. This allows you to easily square brackets side to side and setup pinion angle on a flat bench without axle specific tools.
  • We also incorporated 6 separate anti roll bar holes at the top of the bracket to insure you ARB links are setup straight. This is another flat surface for adjusting and checking pinion angle.
  • In order to keep costs lower for the weekend racer we made the main bracket out of .250” mild steel and added .125” chromoly doublers. This allows a very solid, very secure bolt hole while keeping cost down and allowing the weekend racer to mig weld the brackets to the axle if they don’t have a tig welder. If you plan on doing this, please call us ahead of time and we can weld the chromoly doublers on for additional cost.
  • These brackets come with two 1.625” holes and one 1” hole so you can weld tubing into them for additional stiffening and support.
  • We incorporated Pro Jack notches into the bottom of the brackets
  • These use the industry standard 1/2” 4 link bolts, 3/8” shock mount bolts, 3/8” ARB bolts, and 1/2” wheelie bar holes
  • We are proud to work with some of the top names in the racing industry and made sure that both the Tim McAmis Race Cars and Hammer Concepts And Designs shock mounts will fit in our brackets.
  • We can sell the main brackets in chromoly as well as in a 1 piece design for new axle builds. Call to order if you need something specific done. 
  • 3.5” axle tube is used on Dana 70, Sterling axles, and most high performance aftermarket 9” variations. Verify axle tube size before ordering. 

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