Kait's BMW 335xi

We got this car with a few modifications already but needing some refinement. We did a Performance Boutique billet valve cover to get rid of the leak prone factory plastic piece and to clean up the engine bay. Then we built a coil cover to fit the valve cover properly. Next we did a Fab Factory intake manifold with 1200CC FIC injectors, built a coolant overflow tank, crankcase catch can, strut tower brace, did away with the factory oil thermostat and mounted a Setrab oil cooler behind the grille. This did 2 things. It allowed us to lower the car further(the factory oil cooler is in the wheel well and hits if you go much lower than stock), and it drastically lowered oil temps. Being an X-Drive car, the suspension options are fairly limited. We did ISC coil overs front and rear, Whittline sway bars front and rear, a square setup of Apex EC7 18x9.5’s, and a 265/35/18 Bridgestone RE71R’s. 
It has AR Designs downpipe which connect to one of the more unique parts of this car. To fight all the extra weight that comes with AWD we decided to build a full aluminum exhaust (aside from the polished stainless Vibrant muffler). We also installed Sparco EVO-S seats to fight weight and keep Kait secure behind the wheel.

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