John's 97 Dodge * The Dinosaur

Race vehicles are always changing and this truck has been that way since 2007. This truck has been built, rebuilt, and rebuilt again many times. But it has always been built here. I have a great team and could never do it without them. From the engines, to chassis work, all the fabrication, wiring, etc. I know every piece of this truck. Over the years my wife Kait has poured countless hours into this truck. Cleaning and helping me build engines, painting parts, polishing the transmission, filling nitrous bottles, bleeding brakes, basically whatever I need. My dad Kyle has always been there too. Whether it was finishing up the engine while I finished the fire wall before UCC or checking the tow truck over before we put 2500 miles on it. Bayard, Tom, Jacob and Travis have all spent many nights with me shop too.
Currently we’re running a solid Hamilton 6.7 block with a Mountain High Performance 2006 Cummins head. It’s got a No Limit 227/241 cam, DLC coated Trend lifters, Manton pushrods, roller rockers, bridges, and springs. We run Diamond pistons, Wagler rods, and a standard 6.7 Cummins crankshaft. We run a T6 Steedspeed Comp manifold. For air we work with Midwest Turbo and are currently running a billet center section GT55 based unit with a 98mm inducer. That shoves the air into one of their 4000+HP W/A intercoolers. In the unlikely situation that we have a run away Mountain Machine built us a really trick billet inline air kill. What sets this truck apart from most mechanical trucks is that we use nitrous. 4 Nitrous Outlet stages progressively ramped in with a 5th on a button . Infinite Performance builds our injectors and Seth Farrell at Farrell Diesel is always working with us on new pump designs and has been immensely helpful. Where most mechanical pump builders tend to lean towards sled pulling, Seth is on the forefront of mechanical drag racing and what we do wouldn’t be possible without him. Goerend Transmission works with us on all of our transmissions, making that something we never have to worry about. Power Driven Diesel has helped us a lot over the years with all of their fluids and aiding in testing products/theories. Years ago we decided we needed massive amounts of data to make meaningful adjustments. We decided on a Racepak system and monitor temperatures, pressures, rpm, and everything else we can on the truck. Monitoring turbo speed, intake/exhaust temps, lambda, boost, drive, etc. and making adjustments to make the most power possible is a big part of what allows us to be competitive.

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